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Join the Fun: Volunteer for Open Roles in Our P&C Association

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Our P&C AGM is just around the corner, and all roles will be vacated at the meeting. This means we have a great opportunity for new people to step up and get involved with our amazing community.

We have several vacant roles that we would love to fill that have received no nominations so far. We hope that you can help us out. Here is a rundown of the positions we have no nominations so far for:

  1. Vice-President: The Vice-President works closely with the Executive Committee on governing operations and event planning. This person provides cover for any of the Executive team as needed and is familiar with the rules, constitution, and other documents governing Association operations. The number of Vice Presidents and their roles may change as needs arise.

  2. Fundraising Working Group Coordinator: The Fundraising Working Group Coordinator organises and/or provides input into implementing fundraising events throughout the year. This includes events like Trivia nights, drives, social events, and raffles.

  3. Social Media & Digital Marketing Coordinator: The Social Media & Digital Marketing Coordinator adds content to Facebook as needed from the Exec Committee, sub-committees, and other roles. They create their posts or share posts they see fit for engagement for our school community. This person creates an annual plan for posting as well as posting on an as-needed basis. They work closely with the Connection Corridor planning to produce materials as required.

  4. Containers for Change Coordinator: The Containers for Change Coordinator liaises with the College and the P&C Executive to devise and launch a Containers for Change program.

  5. Sponsorships and Fence Advertising Coordinator (SFAC): The SFAC finds and implements sponsors and fence advertising. This person generates income and sponsorship opportunities for the P&C Association and sub-committee(s). They actively liaise with the Executive Committee to identify and pursue opportunities.

  6. Project Coordinator - Toilet Transformation: The Project Coordinator - Toilet Transformation manages the transformation of the school toilets to create a safer and more welcoming environment for our students.

  7. Project Coordinator - Mural & Artwork: The Project Coordinator - Mural & Artwork oversees the creation of a new mural or artwork installation at our school. This person liaises with the school community to ensure that the design reflects our values and culture.

We hope that you will consider getting involved in one of these roles. They are all essential to our P&C and help to make our school an even better place for our students. If you are interested in any of position with the P&C please read about them here:

If you would like to nominate please visit here:

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at the AGM on Monday, March 20th!


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