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What is the Connection Corridor?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The Capalaba State College P&C are planning to develop a connection between the junior and senior campuses. This connection was to be not only to physical, but to connect the two communities and provide facilities for both campuses to use.

The project is to create places through this connection which the college community will take ownership of, develop and change. Place which can be incorporated into the teaching pedagogy of the college. Places which encourage teachers and staff to help engage the students in learning and connect to their surroundings.

This design for the Capalaba State College campus connection is based on current research into outdoor education and natural place spaces. Research has shown a strong correlation between children interacting with the natural environment and an increase in the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the child.

Nature play is defined by Nature Play Queensland, as any activity that gets children active or thinking actively outdoors, with the end goal of building skills and ability to play without the need for parental or adult control.

It has been developed through the input of students and staff from the college.

The design has several aims:

  • To create a connection between the junior campus and senior campus

  • To develop a long term plan for the development of the college grounds over the next 10 years.

  • To enable staff to enhance student learning through the outdoor learning environments.

  • To support and assist the development of its students through learning and play.

  • To incorporate indigenous culture and history into the college grounds where appropriate.

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