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2022 AGM Committee Positions

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

On the 28th of March 2022 the Capalaba P&C helds its annual general meeting (AGM) where all existing positions are vacated and nominations are called to fill said positions. The results and accepted positions are listed below, and we welcome everyone to the new 2022 P&C committee.

Executive Committee

  • President: Cassandra Aldcroft

  • Vice-President: Desma Hsu

  • Treasurer: Michelle Martin

  • Secretary: Cassandra (Cassie) Wagstaff

  • Assistant Secretary: Lauren Phillips

Other positions

  • Book Club Coordinator: Nicole Nicholls

  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator: Christine Manzano

  • Containers for Change Coordinator: Karensa Gock

  • Sponsorships and Fence Advertising Coordinator: Cascie Kambouris

  • Grants Working Group Coordinator Karen Purdy

  • 2nd Hand Uniform Shop Convenor NO NOMINATIONS

  • Website Developer / Administrator Brad Aldcroft

  • Fundraising Working Group Coord Zoya Slavinskaya

Grants Working Group

  • Karensa Gock

  • Renee Pavlovic

  • Zoya Slavinskaya

  • Catherine Howie

  • Rebecca Grugan

  • Lorraine Eggers

Fundraising Working Group

  • Karensa Gock

  • Renee Pavlovic

  • Eliana Puczkowski

  • Rebecca Grugan

  • Niki Henare

  • Kassandra Carter

  • Christine Manzano

  • Lauren Phillips

  • Debra Benson

  • Melissa Bennett

  • Lorraine Eggers

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