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$35,000 Grant Won

Congratulations and thank you to our most wonderful Grants Working Group!

The P&C Committee want to say thank you and congratulations on the completion of the project related to the grant funding of $35,000 from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

Our wonderful senior students have benefited from a year 7 fitness area upgrade including two new pieces of equipment and replacement of bark ground cover with rubber softfall. On junior campus a new sandpit has also been installed, next to the hall for ease of use by primary school students. Photos attached.

It’s so amazing to see projects from start to finish with real benefit to the kids. Thank you to the grants working group and the college for working with us to make this project possible.

I would like to finish this post, however, with a very special acknowledgement of our grants coordinator Karen who has tireless and wonderfully worked to ensure the implementation of this grant and the project works happened successful. Thank you so much 😊

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