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Baked Goods Needed

Updated: Jan 20

This year our P&C are running 'Under the Stars - Movie Night' a on the college Junior campus and are looking for donations of Home Baked Goods and Sweets. All profits raised by the Cake stall will be put back straight into the school to benefit our kids. We appreciate your offer of donation and would happily say YES PLEASE! FOOD IDEAS Providing any delicious baked goodies, such as slices of bar cake individually wrapped, muffins, meringues, tarts or biscuits, brownies and slices. Goods must be shelf stable, there is no refrigeration, so no cream or fresh fruit etc. PACKAGING Please keep packaging simple and use food safe product. Food safe plastic bags and cling wrap are popular items for disco bake stalls. We do ask that you pre-label the goods with what they are and what allergens may be present. Please write the date the items were made. Download the label template for your baked goods here. FOOD SAFETY We are unable to take items that will require refrigeration or heating. As we do not have the equipment to store them. Such items as cream, fresh fruit and meat. Please follow food safety practices, clean preparation areas, regularly washed hands and utensils. We appreciate your assistance in providing a yummy, safe and hygienic stall. DELIVERY The baked stall coordinator will contact you to confirm delivery.


Click the link below to register your interest in helping with baked goods.

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