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Capalaba State College AGM 2023

Our AGM held on March 21, 2023, was a huge success, with a great turnout from both in-person and online attendees. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended and made it possible.

At the AGM, we elected a new executive committee and appointed members to several positions. I am honoured to have served as the president of the Capalaba State College P&C for the past year and thank the team for supporting my continuation in the role for the next twelve months.

Here is a list of the new office bearers:

Executive Committee:

President: Cassandra (Cass) Aldcroft

Vice President: Patricia Castner

Treasurer: Karensa Gock

Secretary: Cassandra (Cassie) Wagstaff

Assistant Secretary: Lauren Phillips

P&C Swim Club Sub-Committee:

Chairperson: Amie Baldwin

Vice-Chairperson: McKinley Swift

Secretary: Alisha Busoli

Treasurer: Niamh Cawley

Other Positions:

Book Club Coordinator: Nicole Nicholls

Social Media Marketing Coordinator: Eliana Puczkowski

Containers for Change Coordinator: (No Nominations Received)

Sponsorships and Fence Advertising Coordinator: (No Nominations Received)

Grants Working Group Coordinator: Karen Purdy

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator: Caitlin Lau & Kass Carter

Website Administrator: Brad Aldcroft

Fundraising Working Group Coordinator: (No Nominations Received)

Project Coord – Connection Corridor: Zoya Slavinskaya

Project Coord – Toilet Transformation: (Nomination received post AGM for tabling April GM)

Project Coord – Mural & Artwork: Cathy Howie

Student Leadership Liaison Coordinator: Michelle Martin

While we are thrilled to have filled many of the important roles, there are a few positions which we are still looking to fill. These include the Containers for Change Coordinator and the Sponsorships and Fence Advertising Coordinator. We encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved with the P&C to consider these roles or any others that may be of interest.

We also want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the great work that the P&C has been involved in over the past year that was presented as part of the AGM President’s report. It is great pride to close this blog post out with a summary of this report:

The Capalaba State College P&C Association President's report from March 2022 to March 2023 highlighted the P&C's success in achieving major initiatives, fundraising efforts, and improvements that had a tangible impact on the school community, making a significant difference in the daily lives of students and parents.

In 2022, the P&C focused on achieving major initiatives such as the Connection Corridor project, the Mural & Artwork project, the Soft-fall playground works, and an additional chilled water bubbler to the Junior Campus. The P&C also organised fundraising initiatives, including a Back to School Hair Accessory Fundraiser, Mother's and Father's Day Stalls and Raffles, food fundraisers such as Krispy Kremes and Bunnings BBQ, and their Containers for Change initiative. A Superhero Junior Disco was also held, which was a massive effort that saw the wider P&C community come together to make it a success. The fundraising efforts were successful, with the P&C raising just over $70,000 through various events, initiatives, and grant applications.

The Connection Corridor project progressed significantly throughout the past year, with several notable milestones accomplished. The P&C collaborated with the College to meet with Elders in Council to incorporate indigenous culture and education into the design of the Corridor. Four Request for Quotes were developed and distributed, representing the scope of works and buy-in from the College on project specifics. These RFQs were for creekline revegetation, nature play tree planting, junior campus yarning circle, and senior campus yarning circle. Creekline revegetation was secured with BLC to complete the works over the April school holidays. The junior captains planted the first tree at the commemorative event held on March 14th, which was the first physical milestone for the project.

The discretionary funding program underwent a name change to "Wish List funding" last year and has continued to make an impact on the College. In 2022, funding was awarded for several important projects, including a PA Amplifier for the senior campus to support the lunchtime radio program, indigenous sport houses designs to support the College's efforts to change the house names and designs, refurbishment of a non-operational robot battery to support the makerspace initiative on the senior campus, and replacement of game pieces, including chess, in the senior campus library to promote student wellbeing and respond to student interest.

In 2023, the P&C plans to focus on further rebranding the program and marketing it more extensively throughout the College. The P&C aims to collaborate with the college leadership to identify areas where the program could be best utilised to meet the needs of the College community.

The P&C also launched a website in 2022, which has been instrumental in improving communications and modernising the P&C's image. The website has been used for fundraising and marketing purposes, and an online P&C membership form and position expression of interest (EOI) form were recently launched, making it easy for people to join. The P&C plans to continue exploring the website's additional functionality, such as blogs and linking it more with their Facebook posts, to improve their profile and bring more volunteers on board.

Lastly, the Grant Working Group, chaired by Karen, has thrived since the last AGM. Grants have become a crucial part of the P&C's ability to make a difference, and they hope to see more people involved in searching for grants, writing them, and overseeing the projects they fund. Noteworthy grant activity from 2022 includes the finalisation of improvements to the Year 7 playground and the completion of the Junior Campus sandpit, as well as being awarded $20k as part of the Queen’s jubilee tree planting grant program.

The P&C President's report acknowledged all the wonderful activities the P&C was involved in. It also gave thanks to the College for their support and commitment, including the efforts towards raising the profile of volunteering.

Finally, the report ended with acknowledgment and farewell to the two Executive Committee Members Michelle Martin and Desma Hsu and our gratitude for everything they’ve done for their P&C. Their tireless efforts, passion and commitment left a lasting impact on, not only our P&C Committee, but our college community.

We look forward to continued success and plans for 2023-2024.

Cass Aldcroft, P&C President

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