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Connection Corridor Event

Connection Corridor Commemorative Event 

Tuesday 14 March 2023, 11.30am-12.30pm 


On this beautiful day, we gathered in the Capalaba State College Connection Corridor to celebrate a momentous occasion - the first tree planting in our efforts to enhance the connection between our school and the environment.

As we stood in the shade of the surrounding trees, we took a moment to reflect on the journey that brought us to this point. In 2021, our P&C engaged landscape architect Orterra to coordinate consultation with students, parents, staff, and teachers. Together, we created a Master Plan that forms a blueprint for the Connection Corridor enhancements.

Last year, funding was secured from Redland City Council and the Australian Government towards revegetating the creekline and planting additional native trees. P&C members and college staff also met with the traditional custodians, Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders in Council, to seek input and advice on the project.

Today, we celebrated the progress we have made so far, the success that has driven us forward, and the milestone we have achieved with the first tree being planted. This event marks the beginning of a legacy that will serve future generations of Capalaba State College students and staff.

In addition to planting trees, we have plans to create outdoor classrooms and entry statements along the corridor, providing more opportunities for students to learn and engage with the environment. We also plan to create yarning circles surrounded by trees and bush tucker as spaces to acknowledge and celebrate Indigenous culture. These spaces will offer peaceful places for us to gather and talk together, fostering a sense of community and connection to the land.

As we move forward with this project, we are excited to continue our efforts to enhance the connection corridor and create a welcoming and sustainable environment for everyone. We are grateful for the support of our community and look forward to seeing the positive impact of this project for years to come.

Cassandra Aldcroft


Capalaba State College P&C

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