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Help us transform our school's bathrooms!

Attention all superheroes! Our school is in need of some serious bathroom upgrades, and we're looking for someone to lead the charge. As we all know, clean and safe bathrooms are essential for students' physical and mental health, as well as their learning outcomes. Unfortunately, our school's bathrooms are not meeting these standards, and we're looking for volunteers to help us make a positive change.

The P&C Toilet Transformation project aims to create clean, friendly toilet spaces that allow students to feel comfortable and happy to go to the toilet at school. This project can consist of student, parent, and staff collaboration, perhaps even a design competition, redecorating the toilets to make them fun, vibrant, and inviting. The P&C will provide project management, and students will need to have ownership over the change and will be the main body leading the design with assistance from the College and the P&C. Students and parents will be invited to volunteer to help with the practical work of painting or fundraising with local businesses.

We are currently in need of a volunteer Project Coordinator to help us oversee the project. The Coordinator will be responsible for managing the project, overseeing volunteers, and ensuring that the project meets its goals. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about creating positive change and has the skills to lead a team.

We invite anyone who is interested in this role to nominate themselves at our upcoming AGM on Monday 20th March. If you're not able to attend the AGM but are interested in volunteering for this project, please send us a message. We would love to have your support and help us create a positive change for our students.

Projects like this are taking place all over the country, in recognition of the important role a clean, inviting toilet space plays on the education of our children. By volunteering for this project, you'll be making a real difference in the lives of our students and creating a legacy that will last for years to come.

Let's band together and create a positive change for our students. Thank you for your support!

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