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June Fundraising Bonanza!

June has been an awesome month for the P&C, with so many initiatives bringing in fundraising dollars back into the College.



Grants won: Planting Trees for The Queen’s Jubilee Program


Mothers Day Stall

the Mother’sDay stall figures:

Sales $5,574

Returns $416.19

COGS $3,195.29

Square fees $51.93

NetProfit $2,742.97

Leaving a sum of $2,468.67 (less the P&C 10% general funds pool) attributed towardsthe Connection Corridor.

This is a 118% increase from last year MDS,

$1256.22 NP


Book Fair (Book Reward $)

that the final book fair was $4,384 and this gave us $815 worth of books. We also chose some for the senior campus library, so we all benefited. We also gained $616 in Scholastic rewards. A total of $1431 in rewards.


Election Day BBQ

For a last-minute throw-together, that is amazing. Thank you especially to our bakers, as that’s where a lot of our extra income came from. Definitely a worthwhile day.


Junior Disco

A huge thank you to all the families and volunteers who braved the cold and made the Disco a fantastic success. It was really

exciting to see that other parents were dressing up and joining in the fun. Financials to be provided in next GM.


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