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Super Hero Disco - Wrap Up

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I must say, whilst it was a extremely cold night, and we wish our normal term 1 Disco went ahead as originally plan (Covid and rain events etc), we as volunteers are overwhelmingly super happy with how it turned out.

We saw a bigger increase in participation, way more volunteers too, and learnt from previous years by increasing the space and giving everyone more room to move around. We also fine-tuned queuing with a better ticket process, as well as more fun with showbags, glow products, amazing baked goods, golden tickets and prizes and additional food options.

Behind the scenes, to pull off an event like this was months in planning. We were having weekly meetings to discuss progress, lock in volunteers, organise vendors, stock requirements and other logistics, not to mention the time critical on-the-day preparation and and most importantly COSTUMES, which were all awesome BTW. It was a lot of work, but for all involved it was so rewarding to see it come to life. One of those things you'll remember 50 years from now.

We want to thank again to all to our sponsors who either donated there time and or resources to help make the night successful as it was.

We are always looking for more volunteers for future events, including our end of year outdoor movie night (which may have a similar feel), so stay tuned for more information on that.

So what is everyone else saying?


Ruth Dyer

A great community feel and well organised with the staggered start which created a relaxed evening for families.


Rebecca Grugen

Incredible work to all of you! Amazing night! I hope you are all super proud!


Alisha Busoli

Thanks for organising such a fantastic night!


Carrie Hess

My boys loved the glow products!


Amie Baldwin

Great night! Thanks for organising.


Kass Carter

You all did an amazing job, Thank-you for letting me be a part of it. Hope your all relaxing now


Melissa Bennett

What an amazing night! Well done to everyone!


What did you think?

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