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4 reasons why you should try competitive swimming.

You already love swimming, so you don’t need to be reminded about the huge benefits of the water sport. However, if you’re a keen swimmer and are looking to take your practice to the next level have you ever considered competitive swimming? Here’s five reasons why you should try competitive swimming to get you inspired:


Some competitive sports require you either to compete alone, or as part of a team. Swimming is unique since you can decide whether you want to train and compete in a club environment or continue training solo. A club environment provides you with a community atmosphere, while also giving you more structure to your training routine helping to boost your performance.

Competing as part of a club also makes swim meets incredibly exciting. You train with your team, recover with your team and so it only makes sense for you to spend the race day with your team too. They are all ready to race, and are excited to win, just like you. You’ll be surrounded with support by like-minded competitive individuals, making it an incredibly exhilarating event to be part of!


Another great benefit of competitive swimming is the versatility in training. Choose between freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke or butterfly for your chosen technique, then choose your distance. Will you focus on a sprint or an endurance event? Specialise in one technique or mix and match your training routines to shock your muscles and get a killer workout.

If you’re ready to step it up a mark, add training aids to your sessions, like kickboards or fins for a unique resistance workout that will test your technique, and challenge your focus. When it comes to race day you’ll be adequately prepared and determined to push your swimming ability to the next level.

Check out our range of swimming aids to bring to your next training session and challenge your team mates!


You know that swimming has many health benefits and is a great exercise to keep you physically fit with a toned and lean body shape. But competitive swimming is also a great opportunity to train your mind.

Swimming is a technically led sport, and to perform to the best of your ability you need to be focused throughout your race. You’ve got to think about stroke counts, splits, your breathing, while also being aware of your position in the pool so you can get an edge on your competitors.

This means both your body and mind will be working at full capacity, and as you start to nail your races you may reap the benefits of a more focused mind in other aspects of your life, such as at work or while you are driving.


It’s a proven fact that exercise aids good mental health. But as a member of a club, you will gain a new support system, as well as a new social circle.

Water-based exercises can improve moods, motivation and focus in both men and women, while being part of a team provides you with a new purpose and feelings of belonging.

On a leisurely level, swimming decreases stress and anxiety, but on a competitive level you can reap the greater mental health benefits offered from this incredible sport.

Now that you know the great benefits of competitive swimming, it’s time you found your team, find a club here to start competing in your favourite sport. Your first medal is right around the corner!

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