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Overcast, and a bit chilly

It was great to see a bunch of new faces tonight, and some old ones return from last season. The kids are walking icicles, but its good to say as the season gets on its just going to get warmer.

We'd like to thank the volunteers who helped out tonight with various areas. It was really appreciated. We are running low of active volunteers, so if you are free, and willing, we'd love if you could help? The marshalling area can operate with 1 person, but 2 is so much easier. Simple job of reading from a list of names, and telling them what lane they are in. Our starter person (the person with the whistle in the middle far side of the pool) is a fairly easy job, and a bit of fun too. We are currently looking for someone or someone/s to help with this, whilst Stuart is away. If you are interested, let us know? Happy to walk through the steps with anyone. And obviously we need help with the timekeepers too. Tonight we only had 3 timekeepers in charge of 6 lanes, which was a little tricky at times. INSIDER TIP: If you manage to volunteer timekeeper on either lane 1 or 6, you have a very good chance of finishing the night earlier as these lanes generally don't have swimmers in them for the last bunch of heats. Good for any parent who'd like to volunteer but doesn't neccessarily want to stay all night. Lastly, well done all the kids swimming results tonight. I can see great improvements coming through already. Don't forget, the more heats your child nominates for, the higher chance of capturing more points that go towards that end of season trophy night. See you all next week!

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