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Swim Club new Starter Guns

Updated: May 15

Good afternoon families

Ahead of tonight I wanted to provide some exciting news! Late last year we received a donation from the office of Don Brown, using that money we have been able to purchase a new Starter Gun. It's so easy to use and it means no more holding my finger on the mouse and pressing two buttons at once to trigger the sound. It's an exciting time for the club as we see investments being put back into the technology we use and of course seeing our swimmer base growing day by day. 

Some housekeeping after a couple of incidents last week. Please speak with your swimmers and spectators to ensure no one is running around the pool or up and down the grandstands. Unfortunately, accidents happen but we all hate seeing anyone hurt so hoping we can limit that happening by being a little more mindful around the pool and on concrete. 

Reminder to all swimmers to please vacate the pool as soon as all participants have finished the race, this means we can move easily to the next race. 

Don't forget we have more coaches helping out for Stroke Correction each week, hopefully this means our swimmers will get more specific guidance during these sessions. These kick off at 5.30pm each Tuesday.


Any questions, as always, please reach out. 



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